Satellite Technology Allows You To Know Your Boundaries

People have been conducting land surveys for centuries. Determining property boundaries is important because it tells property owners where their responsibilities and benefits begin and end. Property owners have often argued and fought complicated legal battles over ownership of water, trees, and underground resources like oil. It is a land surveyor's job to determine where property lines are drawn and who has ownership of the land in certain areas. Until recently, surveying land was done almost entirely by people with measuring equipment like tape and chains which were stretched across property. Read More 

What Every Homeowner Needs To Know About Air Conditioners & Huffing

There is a dangerous and deadly trend that may be causing your air conditioning unit to have problems. Yes, you did read that sentence right. Addicts are huffing refrigerant right out of air conditioning units. Here's what every homeowner needs to know to protect their family members and neighbors, as well as their air conditioning units. Huffing Refrigerant Is a Dangerous & Deadly Trend Refrigerant is a chlorofluorocarbon that can cause people to feel high when they inhale it. Read More