Planning Your Kitchen Remodel? How To Get More From Your Kitchen Showroom Visit

Changes in kitchen designs, surfaces, and appliances happen quickly as homeowner demands for more efficient, user-friendly options continue to drive the industry. For homeowners considering an upcoming kitchen remodeling project, this rapidly changing industry landscape can make it even more difficult to make the final choices and decisions necessary for work on the project to actually begin. 

For homeowners who are currently in the beginning stages of planning their kitchen remodeling project, a visit to a kitchen showroom can provide an excellent resource and educational experience. 

Know your numbers before you go

Kitchens are known to be one of the most expensive areas of the home to remodel. This is because the average kitchen is packed with features and appliances to enable food preparation and storage, many of which can be quite costly to build, purchase, or replace. Visiting one or more kitchen showrooms allows homeowners to see a number of possibilities for each and then compare them to determine how each one might work for them. 

In order to get the most accurate information from your visit, however, it is critically important to know know all of the numbers that will apply, including: 

  • space dimensions of the room
  • square footage and exact measurements of each surface that will be upgraded, including flooring, countertops and islands, walls, and ceilings
  • budget information for the project, including the amount allocated for each stage 

Because the cabinetry is likely to account for a major part of the entire project budget, it is especially important for homeowners to fine tune this number. 

Decide ahead of time on possible compromises

Your visit to a kitchen showroom can be even more beneficial if you have already made decisions about possible compromises that could reduce the cost or offer some other benefit for your project. For instance, knowing ahead of time that you would be willing to consider using generic cabinet styles with upgraded fronts is an example of a compromise that could significantly reduce costs while still ensuring a high-end appearance. 

Make final decisions based on utility 

The cost and inconvenience involved in the average remodel means that kitchens are typically used for several years between remodeling projects. Because of this fact, it is important to make final decisions on designs, features, and surfaces with their utility in mind, instead of just their initial appeal.

To get the most from any kitchen showroom visit, take time to discuss your visit and its potential impact on your kitchen remodeling project with a reputable kitchen designer or contractor before you go.