Use Luxury Stones To Add Clean Lines And Contrasting Colors To Your Property

Sparse patches of grass, uneven terrain, and weeds growing in conspicuous areas are all negative attributes that you may contend with whenever you are preparing your yard for an informal event. Luxury stones, such as thick patio slabs or small quartz pieces, can make a strong impact and provide your property with clean lines and contrasting colors.

Pato Slabs Can Be Laid Individually Or Side By Side

Flagstone, slate, or Aberdeen patio slabs can have a polished or textured surface. Stones that are large and square or rectangular shaped can be laid individually to form a walkway, or you can have all of the slabs laid out side by side to form a large surface that resembles a patio or deck. If you have water features in your yard, imagine a luxurious white or off-white surface that surrounds a pool or jacuzzi.

This may make each water feature look inviting and can even enhance the color of the water or the lighting that has been installed inside or around each recreational feature. If you want to eliminate crabgrass or unattractive weeds that attract insects, the slabs will form a barrier that will prevent grass blades and weeds from growing.

Slabs that resemble aged wood or a cobblestone surface can be used to add character to portions of your yard. Use them to highlight your terracotta pot collection or the antique water fountain and gazing ball that are in the corners of your yard. An intricate pattern can be created by using irregularly shaped slabs.

Any of your decorative features may tend to be overlooked because you or your visitors don't feel like traversing the uneven terrain or dealing with muddy areas after a rainstorm. Once stone slabs have been installed, you and your friends may be more inclined to walk across the yard to appreciate the treasures.

Quartz Stones Can Be Used To Outline Other Areas

Maybe you are uninterested in covering a great deal of your property but would still like to add a small paved surface and use another landscaping material to highlight your tulip or cactus garden or the area that you use to serve food.

Quartz pieces will sharply contrast with dark-colored flowers or foliage, and the pieces can be used as a drainage aid if you often encounter puddling around the chairs or loungers that are in your yard. After leveling the property that you would like to accent, add a thick layer of quartz stones to the ground. 

Look for a luxury stone supply store near you to find stones for your garden.