Three Tips For Weed-Free Flower Beds

Flowerbeds go a long way toward improving your curb appeal and making your home look more welcoming. Yet, many homeowners avoid this simple way to dress up their landscaping because they are afraid they will then have to spend all their free time keeping the beds weeded. Fortunately, you can have beautiful flowerbeds and your weekends free of weeding if you follow these weed control tips to prevent a weed invasion. Read More 

Bringing A Gourmet Look To A Small Kitchen: Five Options To Consider

Having a small kitchen doesn't mean you can't create a chic, gourmet look. If you want to give your compact kitchen a makeover, here are some features you may want to discuss with your remodeling contractor. Granite Counters Granite counters come in a wide range of designs, from a marble look to a natural stone appearance, so you can choose the perfect look for your design aesthetic. Even if you only have a small counter, the granite can add an upscale finishing touch. Read More 

Examples Of Business Card Magnets You Might Have Seen Recently And What You Can Do For Your Business

Business cards are a common source of company promotion. There is just one small problem: a lot of business cards get lost in the shuffle of other business cards. If you want to be sure that your business card is not lost and remains where a customer can find it, try imprinted business card magnets. The following examples of business card magnets might be some that you have seen, or maybe you even have some of these on your own refrigerator or filing cabinets. Read More 

3 Tips For Cutting A Marble Slab For Use As A Countertop In Your Kitchen

After finding a marble slab, you may have decided that it would make a beautiful countertop for your kitchen cabinets. However, since the slab is too large for the space, you will need to cut it. If so, use the following tips below to ensure that the marble is measured and cut properly. This will ensure that your marble countertop installation goes smoothly.  1.  Make a Stencil out of Kraft Paper Read More 

Caring for Young Shade Trees: Four Helpful Tips

Planting shade trees on your property can be a great way to shield your yard, and even your home, from too much sunlight. However, young shade trees require some care to make sure they grow properly and don't pose a hazard to your home. Here are a few tips you can use to care for your young shade trees. Remove Low Branches While all the branches on your trees can provide much-needed shade, some may be positioned too low to the ground. Read More