3 Furniture Pieces To Buy For Living In A Studio

Moving into a studio apartment means that you should expect to work with limited space. If you want to maximize your satisfaction with living in this kind of place, you will find it worth investing a considerable amount of time, effort, and dedication into the furniture shopping process.

When you are willing to buy certain furniture pieces for your studio, you will feel great about your ability to furnish the place in a way that satisfies your wants and needs.

Entertainment Center

In a small space, you may know that a small television stand would work for taking up the least amount of room inside the studio. However, you are likely better off buying a large entertainment center that uses most of an entire wall as this will provide you with so much functionality.

Instead of feeling limited in how much you are able to store regarding decorations, electronics, DVDs, and video games, you can use a sizable entertainment center to keep all these items.

Since these pieces often come with storage on the sides and above the television, you want to make sure that you buy a model that will accommodate the TV size that you are interested in.

Kitchen Island

While you may know kitchen islands exist in homes with sizable kitchens, you should not underestimate the positive impact that one of these islands can have inside a studio apartment. This is when you will want to purchase a standalone island that you can move around as needed.

When you focus on functionality, you can pick up an island with a large countertop for food preparation and storage space on the bottom and top. This can happen with a top rack where you can hang pots and pans as well as shelves on the bottom to fit all sorts of kitchen items.

The great thing about this kind of kitchen island is that it can also function as your dining table as long as you are willing to clean up the food prep to set up dinnerware before eating.

Murphy Bed

Although you can sleep comfortably with a day bed, sofa bed, or even regular bed, you may want to go with a Murphy bed for the flexibility and functionality that it provides. Getting an actual bed will provide immense comfort and being able to conceal it entirely will save a lot of space.

Making these furniture purchases when moving into a studio will increase overall satisfaction.