Securing Your Property: What To Expect From A Professional Home Watch Service

Finding oneself frequently away from home due to business trips, extended vacations, or seasonal living can make a professional home watch company's services invaluable. However, discerning what should be expected from such services and ensuring the best possible care for a property can be a bit daunting. This guide will walk through the key elements a professional service should offer.

Regularly Scheduled Visits

Consistent, prearranged visits form the backbone of any reputable home watch service. The frequency of these visits can be tailored to specific needs but typically falls within weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly intervals. It's the regular checking of a property that allows for any issues to be identified and rectified before they escalate.

Comprehensive Property Inspections

A key expectation from home watching should be the comprehensive inspection of the property during each visit. The company's professionals should scrutinize both the exterior and interior of the home meticulously. For example, they might inspect the yard for any signs of pest invasion or examine the HVAC system to ensure it's operating effectively. A high-quality service will cover every corner of the property to preclude any potential problems.

Swift Issue Resolution

When an issue is identified — whether that's a leaking pipe, a power outage, or a broken window - a proficient service will take swift action. They won't just notify the homeowner about the problem but will work towards a solution by coordinating with necessary repair services and supervising the restoration process.

Clear and Regular Communication

A reliable home watch service maintains open channels of communication. Homeowners should expect to receive consistent updates about the status of their home, ideally through their preferred method—whether that's via email, text messages, or phone calls. In case of issues, the service should reach out promptly, outlining the problem and their suggested plan of action.

Beyond the Basics: Additional Services

Many home watchers extend their offerings beyond the standard inspections and issue resolution. They might supervise home renovation projects, prepare the home for severe weather events, or even stock the pantry before the homeowner's return. While these services might not be included in every package, they are worth considering for added convenience.

Home Watch Service Vs. House Sitter: A Comparison

It's essential to understand how a professional watch service differs from hiring a house sitter. While a house sitter typically lives in the property during the homeowner's absence, providing a human presence to deter potential break-ins, a home watch service provides more comprehensive, professional services. The latter includes scheduled inspections, maintenance coordination, and specialized services based on the homeowner's needs. A house sitter may provide a sense of security, but a home watch service goes beyond, ensuring all aspects of the property are maintained.

Professionalism and Credentials: Non-negotiable

A distinguished service or company will not only demonstrate high standards of professionalism but will also have the credentials to back up their claims. Look for services that are bonded, insured, and carry affiliations with professional organizations like the National Home Watch Association (NHWA). Glowing customer reviews and testimonials can also offer valuable insights into their performance.

Securing Your Peace of Mind

Choosing a home watch service is about finding a reliable partner who can ensure the safety and upkeep of the property during the homeowner's absence. Knowing what to expect can help navigate the options and find the perfect match. When selected meticulously, a home watcher can offer not just property maintenance, but also the reassurance that the home is in capable hands.

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