Own Your First Home? 3 Plumbing Supplies You Should Always Have

If you are a first-time homeowner, one thing you must care for is the plumbing. Plumbing problems can get expensive. One thing you can do is keep plumbing supplies on hand to take care of problems as they occur. Below are three of these supplies so you can purchase them. 

Toilet Plunger

Every bathroom should have a toilet plunger in easy access. There are many things that can clog a toilet, such as toilet paper or feminine products, or you may have a child put a small toy in the toilet. Not taking care of a clog and flushing the toilet can result in an overflowing toilet, which causes a huge mess on the floor. 

Using a plunger in the tank applies pressure to the clog and forces the clog through the pipe. Taking care of clogs early can prevent other plumbing problems and you may not have to contact a plumber. If you continue to get toilet clogs, however, a plumber should be called to determine why and to make the repairs. 

Plumbing Snake

Along with a plunger, you should also have a plumbing snake in your home. A plumbing snake can get deeper into pipes to remove clogs. The snake is flexible so that it can bend throughout the plumbing pipe if needed. You will also hear a plumbing snake referred to as a plumbing auger. A plumbing snake is not expensive and can be purchased at a home improvement store. 

If you still cannot get clogs out with a plumbing snake, contact a plumber. They have plumbing snakes they use that work much better. They also have electric snakes that can get through tough clogs. 


It is common to have a loose faucet, and this can cause a variety of problems. A loose faucet will also become looser over time and can cause damage. Tightening a faucet is much less expensive than replacing one. To do this, you should purchase a basin wrench, which is made to tighten loose bolts and nuts around the sink. This wrench is longer than a traditional wrench and has a swivel to allow you to use the wrench in narrow, deep spaces if needed. 

You should also have a pipe wrench on hand in your home. This is needed just in case the basin wrench does not work well for you. A pipe wrench is larger and more durable when compared to a basin wrench. Not only can you use a pipe wrench to tighten loose screws and nuts, but you can use it to remove faucets and/or fixtures in the bathroom, kitchen, etc. 

Along with these plumbing supplies, always have a plumber's name and number accessible to you in case you have problems you cannot take care of. You may also have a plumbing emergency and need a plumber quickly.