Considering Gutter Covers? Don’t Be Dissuaded By These Major Myths

Are you considering gutter covers so you don't have to clean gutter debris? These implements are definitely a worthy investment but have an unfair reputation due to a few prevailing myths. Take a look at a few myths associated with gutter guards

Myth: Gutter covers have to be replaced every few years.  

If you have to replace gutter covers every few years, it is a good sign you did not get a quality product. The best brands on the market come with extensive warranties that can last a decade or longer. Therefore, when you pick the best gutter guards, you should get ample use out of them for many years. A lot of homeowners assume there is not a lot of difference between cheaper gutter covers and the more expensive version. While the top brands may require a larger initial investment, the longevity of the products is well worth the added cost. 

Myth: Gutter covers are not a good investment if you get a lot of snow. 

On the contrary, investing in gutter guards is a good idea if you do get a lot of snow and ice. The gutter guards prevent snow from piling up inside the gutters and causing problems due to the added weight. Usually, the guard will support the weight of fallen snow and ice, and, then, once the frozen material starts to melt, it just drips down into the gutter slowly. 

Myth: Gutter guards make the gutters a desirable place for pests. 

Gutters are naturally attractive to some pests because of their formation and easy access to food and water. However, adding gutter covers will not make the implements any more attractive to insects or animals. Instead, the guards will actually deter entry in most cases. For example, mice will not be able to access the interior of the gutter trough unless they get in through the downspout, which is uncommon if the downspouts are directed into the ground as they should be. 

Myth: Gutter guards rust and get stuck to metal gutters. 

Metal gutters are common in older homes and can be prone to rust, but the gutter guards should not heighten the risk or cause problems. The modern gutter covers available today are primarily made out of either aluminum or plastics like vinyl. Therefore, they will not rust when exposed to the elements and should never pose a risk to your existing metal gutters.