Windmill Products That Use Solar Energy

Solar technology converts the sun's energy into electrical energy. A solar leaf windmill that contains a photovoltaic cell or panel will capture the sun's rays and use the stored energy to turn the blades that comprise a solar leaf windmill. These types of windmills can be used to mark the entranceway to a driveway or to add interest to a yard or garden.

Windmill Products

A solar leaf windmill will contain a central turning mechanism, a pole attachment, and long, leafy protrusions that jut out from all sides of the turning mechanism. This type of windmill may look similar to a flower, a sun, or a geometrical design. The protrusions will be evenly spaced around the central rotation piece. The even spacing of the leaf protrusions will aid with spinning a windmill in a consistent fashion.

A windmill may contain two spinning plates that are anchored together. In the center of the two spinning plates, there may be an anchoring hole where a pole extension is designed to be attached. Windmill products may contain bright, vibrant colors or built-in sparkle lights. This type of lawn decoration will attract attention. A windmill product will typically not make any noise while it is being activated. It will simply spin and provide an end user with a decorative display.

Usage Tips

A solar leaf windmill will not require the use of electricity. Some products may contain a battery, which will store the sun's energy and convert it into electrical energy. Because a separate electrical source will not be needed to power up a windmill, someone who purchases this type of product can essentially install their windmill anywhere they would like.

Someone who owns a large expanse of farmland may decide to use solar leaf windmills to mark the sides of a crop plot. They may also want to install the windmills alongside the area where they park their vehicles. A residential property owner can use windmills to highlight an outside sitting area or to add emphasis to a garden or a flowerbed.

Before using a solar leaf product, it will need to be assembled. This process may require that some hardware is used to attach the pole to the spinning apparatus. A windmill pole can be stabilized in the ground. A shovel or an auger can be used to create a hole. Afterward, a windmill's pole ending should be inserted into the hole. Dirt should be used to backfill the hole.