Common Repairs Performed On Glass Shower Doors

Glass shower doors have a lot of advantages. They are relatively inexpensive, come in many different styles, are relatively easy to clean, and last much longer than a shower curtain. Despite all of these advantages, however, there are times when glass shower doors may break and require repairs. Here are some of the most common glass shower doors you may need to have done at some point.

Loose and damaged hinges

If you have a glass shower door that swings open, the hinges may eventually become loose. Alternatively, the hinges may become damaged in a way that causes the shower door to hang or fail to close. A shower door repair contractor can assess the hinges and make repair recommendations according to what they find. They may recommend just bending the hinges back into shape and replacing a few screws, or they may replace the entire hinge setup.

Loose track

Is the track that your shower door slides in or latches into seeming loose and out of place? It might move when you push on it or seem to slide out of place when the door closes. You can have a shower door repair company come to secure the track. They might do this with some extra screws or some adhesive. Or, they may opt to replace the whole track, which may be cheaper since it involves less labor.

Leaks around the door

Your glass shower door is meant to close tightly and keep the water inside the shower. If you're noticing drops of water outside the shower after the door has been closed, then the door has been leaking. The seal between the glass and the frame might be failing, in which case, your repair team may either caulk the door or replace the glass entirely.

Cracked or chipped glass

The glass on a shower door may become cracked or chipped if someone slams the door closed, or if there is an earthquake. Often, the repair team can remove the glass from the frame and replace it with new glass, which saves you from having to buy a whole new door.  Often, this repair is done off-site. They'll take your door off, make repairs at a shop, and return the repaired door to your home.

Hopefully, you now have a better idea of the types of repairs shower doors typically need. Own one long enough, and you'll eventually need to have one of these repairs made. 

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