Seeing A Lot Of Weeds On Your Lawn? How To Kill Them And Prevent Them From Coming Back

Having a lot of weeds on a lawn can make the entire lawn look bad no matter how much you mow. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to kill the weeds, as well as prevent them from coming back again. Keep reading so you will have a beautiful lawn again.

Kill the Weeds

There are many ways you can kill the weeds on your lawn, including:

Use a Weed Killer

The best way to kill weeds is to use a weed killer. Purchase a weed killer at a garden center or home improvement store. Make sure the weed killer only kills weeds and will not harm your grass. Follow the directions on the weed killer that you purchase. Plan a day when there is no rain in the forecast. You may have to use the weed killer a second time if the weeds pop back up again.

Dig them Out

If you do not have a lot of weeds, you can dig them out using special gardening tools. Purchase a sickle blade to do this without disrupting your lawn. Start doing this at the beginning of the season, when the grass is starting to grow in early spring. There are weed seeds that can sit dormant for many months or even years. If you go too deep, you will disrupt the seeds and they will start growing. It is much easier to weed when the soil is wet, so do this after rain or wet the soil with a garden hose. 

Control Weeds

Once you get weeds off your lawn, you need to control them or they will just keep coming back again. One way to do this is to fertilize your lawn. Grass will grow much thicker if the lawn is healthy making it much harder for weeds to grow. Purchase fertilizer at a garden center and follow the instructions on how to apply it to your lawn. When you mow set the blade higher than you normally have it, so the grass stays thick.

Water your lawn deeply instead of shallow watering. Watering deeply makes grass roots thicker making it much harder for weeds to compete. Watering deeply will also keep your lawn in better condition. If you do get dead areas during the hot summer months, weeds can easily grow in these areas. You can install an irrigation system for your lawn to do this. Hire a professional to install the irrigation system for you if you do not have experience.

Controlling weeds is an ongoing battle, as they always seem to pop up out of nowhere. If you do these things, however, you will not have as many weeds in the spring.

For more information about weed control, contact a local professional.