What Should You Consider Before Buying A New Mattress?

Sleep is something that affects every aspect of your life. If you aren't getting enough sleep or high-quality sleep, your work life, health, relationships, and more are sure to suffer. Aside from mustering up the self-discipline to get to bed at a reasonable hour, you may also be shopping around for a new mattress. The quality of your mattress can greatly affect the quality of your sleep. With a decision this big, you don't want to do it on impulse alone. Here is what you should consider before choosing your new mattress.


You might like your current mattress, but if you're always bumping into your partner or find your limbs hanging off the edges while you're trying to find a cozy position for drifting off, it might be time for a bigger size. Mattresses normally come in twin, double, queen, or king size. So, if you're feeling squished in a double, for example, you may want to start checking out queen mattresses. However, choosing the ideal size isn't just a matter of comfort. You also have to take into consideration the size of your bedroom and if the space can handle a larger bed. Check out the dimensions of each mattress size and measure your bedroom and furniture before you even start shopping so you don't regret your purchase. You'd also need bigger sheets, bed frame, or box spring. All those items can add up, so make sure you're budgeting for them as you shop.


Even if you think you know what you like when it comes to a mattress, this is one area you'll want to research. There are so many options available to choose from, each with all their own pros and cons. Innerspring mattresses are the most common and usually the cheapest, but they tend to wear out more quickly. Other materials such as memory foam, gel, or latex are gradually becoming more popular. You can even find hybrids, which give you the bouncy quality of an innerspring as well as the soothing comfort of memory foam. However, there are even more options available, such as a waterbed, airbed, or pillowtop. Do your research to figure out what will work best for you.


Besides just the material the mattress is made of, you will want to think about other features. If protecting the environment is a big priority, you can buy organic mattresses that are certified by eco-friendly organizations. Or, if you have a super restless partner, you'll want to make sure your new bed has motion isolation so that they're not waking up you every night. If you get too hot every night, look for a mattress that includes temperature regulation. If you and your partner need different firmness levels in order to feel comfortable, consider purchasing an adjustable bed that allows you to choose different settings for each side. You'll also want to consider features such as warranties, included bed base, or a sleep trial that will allow you to return it if it's not working out. 

Once you know what you want, all that's left to do is search for the best sales and deals. Just make sure not to rush this decision—your sleep is too important. Keep this in mind as you look for queen mattresses or other sizes.