6 Texas Symbols For Your Charm Bracelet

Charm bracelets certainly have their own charm. They serve as a wearable reminder of memories and other ideas you hold dear. What's more, each individual charm is a tiny bit of artwork in its own right. Tiny ornaments make up a bracelet that has meaning individual to the person wearing it.

Do you have a special affinity for Texas? If so, below are some symbols to consider for your charm bracelet.

1. Texas Outline

The obvious charm for a Texas-themed charm bracelet is an outline of the state itself. Texas has one of the most distinctive outlines, and anyone with even a hint of geographical knowledge will instantly identify it. Such a charm is a good way to set the theme for your bracelet.

2. Five-Point Star

Texas is known as the "Lone Star State." The state earned its independence from Mexico in 1836. At that time, Texas was a territory that operated as an independent republic. The then-republic adopted a flag with a white, five-point star in a field of blue with white and red blocks to the side. As the Bullock Museum points out, the star signifies the "go-it-alone" spirit if Texas.

3. Longhorn

The official large mammal of the state is the Texas longhorn, a species of cattle renowned for their extended horns. They're a hardy breed with tough hooves that symbolize one of the great industries in Texas — ranching. You can find various configurations of the traditional longhorn head as charms for your bracelet.

4. Armadillo

The official small mammal of Texas is the nine-banded armadillo. The animal features a characteristic profile with a bony, scaled shell. The nine-banded armadillo is the only one of its kind in North America — an apt symbol for the Lone Star State. The armadillo also symbolizes another aspect of the state — its arid nature.

5. Cowboy Hat

Cowboys have a long history in Texas. They helped settle the state and grow the big ranching business so important to the economy. Therefore, a cowboy hat is an apt symbol of Texas. What's more, the hat also symbolizes the state pastime — the rodeo. Your Texas charm bracelet might feel incomplete without a cowboy hat.

6. Cowboy Boot

The cowboy boot is also a good symbol for both the cowboy ranchers and the rodeo. However, the cowboy boot will also symbolize another characteristic of Texas — the inhabitants' affinity for line dancing. What's more, the state's official footwear is the cowboy boot. That fact might explain why you find everything from worn-in work boots to fancy dancing cowboy boots in Texas.

Consider the above symbols to add to your Texas-themed charm bracelet. Contact Texas Capitol Giftshop for any jewelry needs.