4 Fun Ways To Add Some Life To Your Switch Plates

When it comes to decorating the various rooms in your house, one of the most overlooked details is the wall plates. Most people think carefully about the color of the walls or the type of furnishing that goes into the room. All too often, people just go for the default white plastic wall plate. However, the wall plate provides a great opportunity to have some fun, and you can tie this seemingly simple detail in with the rest of your home.

Way #1: Go for a Metallic Switch Plate

First, consider making your plates stand out. A great way to make your plates stand out is by making your plates metallic. You can purchase vintage brass plate covers for your room. If you can't find any vintage brass plate covers, you can make your own metallic switch plate.

You can take a regular plate and a bottle of metallic spray paint, and create your very own metallic switch plates. If you have metallic accents in your room, incorporating metallic switch plates will help bring all the features together.

Way #2: Create Some Contrast

Second, you can create some contrast with your switch plates. For example, if your walls are white, install black plates. Or if your walls are light blue, install some light green plates. Choose a color that is a little different from the rest of your home and that will stand out.

This can help bring attention to your wall plates. If you have a contrasting color that you use for decorating throughout the room, bring that color into the room on the wall plates.

Way #3: Upgrade to Push Switches

Third, you can upgrade to push switches instead of the traditional flip switch. A push switch is great if you want the wall switches to blend a little more seamlessly with space. A push switch also has a certain degree of elegance to it and will make your room look a little classier.

If you are going for a glamorous, classy, or even a sleek modern feel, installing a push light switch can be a great choice. Push light switches are a bit of an older style that can still look great in a modern home.

Way #4: Blend In

Finally, you can make the light switch blend in by matching the light switch to the color of the wall. You can paint the light switch so it matches the color of the wall or purchase a colored wall plate. Sometimes, it is nice to have the light switch just blend in with everything else.

As you style and design each room in your home, pay attention to the light switch plate covers. This is another way to add style to each space in your home. For more information on your options for switch plates, contact a local home store.