Three Tips For Weed-Free Flower Beds

Flowerbeds go a long way toward improving your curb appeal and making your home look more welcoming. Yet, many homeowners avoid this simple way to dress up their landscaping because they are afraid they will then have to spend all their free time keeping the beds weeded. Fortunately, you can have beautiful flowerbeds and your weekends free of weeding if you follow these weed control tips to prevent a weed invasion.

Tip #1: Install edging

Often, the weeds in a flower bed aren't necessarily weeds, but turf grass that has encroached into the garden. The easiest way to prevent this is to install edging around the bed to create a barrier. Brick, stone, and vinyl strips all work equally well if installed correctly. Turf grass can spread under the soil via its rhizomous roots, or it can spread above ground via seeds. Edging should extend underground to the frost line or to at least a 4 inch depth to prevent underground spreading. It should also protrude 2- to 4-inches to minimize spread from above the soil. Keeping the lawn regularly mowed will further prevent above-ground spreading.

Tip #2: Leave no soil exposed

Weeds are usually opportunistic, which means they invade where the living is easy — like that bare patch in your otherwise well watered and nutrient-rich garden soil. Planting a groundcover plant to cover the bare soil between flowers is one way to crowd out potential weeds. Creeping thyme and ground ivies are two common groundcover plants. Another way to cover the soil is to spread a 3-inch deep layer of mulch, such as wood chips, over the bare areas. The mulch will decompose and provide nutrients for your plants, but this does mean you need to add a fresh layer every year.

Tip #3: Schedule regular treatments

Finally, be proactive in treating for weeds. Pre-emergent herbicides work extremely well for weeds in annual flower beds because you can kill all the weeds a couple of weeks before putting in your annual flowers. There are also weed treatments that can be used to spot kill weeds after they sprout without harming any of the desired plants in your garden. The key is using the right herbicides for the specific weed type while ensuring it won't harm the desired plants. A professional service can help with this.

Contact a local weed control service to schedule a weed treatment or to find out more ways you can keep your landscape looking beautiful and its maintenance needs minimal.