Examples Of Business Card Magnets You Might Have Seen Recently And What You Can Do For Your Business

Business cards are a common source of company promotion. There is just one small problem: a lot of business cards get lost in the shuffle of other business cards. If you want to be sure that your business card is not lost and remains where a customer can find it, try imprinted business card magnets. The following examples of business card magnets might be some that you have seen, or maybe you even have some of these on your own refrigerator or filing cabinets. They will give you some ideas of what you can do with business card magnets for your own business.

The Pizza Delivery Guy

The last time you ordered pizza and had it delivered, did you get a business magnet with the receipt? Pizza delivery services have been doing business magnets for years. It is the fastest and best way to provide customers with online information and the telephone number to the nearest store when customers can just check the magnets on their refrigerators. In most instances, you are likely to get more than one business magnet or a magnet with every pizza delivery you order. To be honest, you do not need repetitive contact information, but magnets on your refrigerator are definitely useful, so there is that. 

The Auto Body Shop

Here is another example of how imprinted business magnets have been a thing for some time now. Many auto body shops print up these magnets with attached tear-off calendars. Back in the fifties, sixties, and seventies, car dashes were frequently metal, which meant that you could use these calendar magnets with the auto body shop info on them on the dash of your car. The guy (or gal) at the shop would circle important dates on the year-long calendar for scheduled maintenance or maintenance due dates.

Now, car dashes are no longer metal, but you have probably received one of these business/calendar magnets at least once after your vehicle was in a shop for repairs. The idea is that you will use the calendar and place the magnet on the refrigerator or another metal surface where it can be seen and remind you to take care of your vehicle. It provides you with contact info when you need to repair your vehicle again.

Timeshare Companies

Timeshare companies are another example of businesses trying to make sure you do not forget about them. They not only use the magnets as a promotional item, but they also put a special, limited time offer on the magnets so that you can look at it every day and think about that offer. When the magnet is both a coupon/discount and a business card, it is definitely hard to ignore.

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