Caring for Young Shade Trees: Four Helpful Tips

Planting shade trees on your property can be a great way to shield your yard, and even your home, from too much sunlight. However, young shade trees require some care to make sure they grow properly and don't pose a hazard to your home. Here are a few tips you can use to care for your young shade trees.

Remove Low Branches

While all the branches on your trees can provide much-needed shade, some may be positioned too low to the ground. Low branches can become hazardous for several reasons. In the front yard, these branches may begin to extend into the street where they can block traffic. Trees near the home with low branches may pose a threat to your roof or to the side of the building. Work with your tree care service to identify which branches on your young trees are too low to be safe as they grow.

Remove Crossed Branches

In some cases, you may find that there are branches on your trees that grow crooked and cross over larger supportive branches. These crooked branches can rub others over time, causing damage and leaving your tree vulnerable. Look for any growth that could indicate an issue with rubbing or crossing over other branches. Removing them when the tree is young can provide the tree a better chance to grow up rather than stunting its growth.

Thin Out Branches

While you might think that more branches equal more shade, you may find that the opposite is true. When too many small branches begin to grow on the trunk of the tree, they can become crowded. With less room to grow, these branches may remain smaller and provide less shade as the trees grow. Work with your tree care service to find the proper spacing and identify which branches should be removed or pruned back to encourage healthy growth.

Use Wind Protection

Young trees can become damaged during strong winds, and they can even shift their center of gravity so the shade doesn't cover the area you want. You can counteract this problem by using wind protection on young trees. Tree wraps are ideal for baby trees, as you can cover each tree entirely to provide a barrier against wind. For slightly more mature trees, you can use stake systems, which provide a pull in all directions to prevent wind from blowing them to one side or the other.

Contact a tree service, such as Mark Crane's Tree & Arborist Services, to help you care for your young shade trees. With proper care, these trees can grow tall and healthy to provide the shade you seek for your property.