Want To Buy Home Décor Online? Analyze A Few Details To Avoid Issues With Your Cats

After purchasing a home, you may bring in the furniture and decorations from where you lived before. But, you will likely have a lot of room that you need to fill in after using everything. Once you buy enough furniture, you can start putting decorations throughout the rest of the house.

If you have several cats in your household, you may know that they can go almost anywhere they want to because of their ability to jump high and squeeze through tight spaces. Analyzing certain details will help you buy decorations for the house that work well for your entire household.


Although your cats are flexible, you should look at the measurements for all items. If you want to display items on a table, you can choose two routes in keeping your cat from getting by or providing enough room for them to walk by without putting the item at risk of falling or breaking.

To keep a decorative piece from tipping over, you also do not want to put anything that is too top heavy on a desk or table because the furniture could shake if a cat jumps up on the surface.


If you buy a heavy metal decoration, you may feel confident about your cats not being able to cause any damage to it, even if it were to fall and hit the floor. But you do not have to worry about the metal causing damage to the flooring, especially if you have tile or hardwood. A heavy decoration with metal corners can dent or scratch hardwood with enough force while falling.

Glass or ceramic decorations are risky because if they fall onto hard flooring, they may break. But living in a home with carpeting gives you a lot more flexibility for setting up decorations.


One way to maximize protection for your decorations is by purchasing extra heavy or lightweight items. Your cats will have a hard time making the heavy decorations budge while the lightweight decorations will not suffer from any damage even if they come crashing down on the floor. You just need to make sure the lightweight decorations are not extremely delicate on their own.

A lightweight item made of thin glass will still be susceptible to damage. But a piece made of fabric and natural items such as pinecones will not be as susceptible to damage.

Being strategic when buying home décor items online will help you fill up the rest of your home with decorations that you can feel confident your cats won't be able to damage or break.