Why Ready Mix Cement Is Better Than Bag Mix For Large Projects

If you're planning to get your yard in shape this summer, you may have a need for concrete. Concrete can be used for many projects, such as filling holes for fence posts and clotheslines. You can make walkways, a patio, an AC slab, and even a driveway from concrete, if you have the skill. One decision you have to make is if you'll buy bagged concrete or if you'll use ready mix. Here is some information to help you decide.

Bag Mix Is Suitable For Small Jobs

It may seem obvious that you should just buy bags of cement mix for small jobs, but you may not know why it's a good idea besides convenience. Depending on the ready mix manufacturer, you might have to pay extra for a short load. Concrete starts to set up fast, so the mix can't sit on the truck very long. The truck doesn't make multiple stops, so you might pay a lot more per yard if you just need a little concrete. Some companies sell small loads and don't charge extra, but you can't always order from the company you want.

You'll have to choose a supplier located in an appropriate range of your home, so the cement is fresh when it arrives. Also, just filling holes with concrete doesn't require precision in mixing the cement with water. Even if you don't do it precisely, the cement will still hold the post, whereas improperly mixed cement for a walkway or patio could have more serious consequences.

Ready Mix Is Best For Slabs And Other Big Jobs

One advantage of ordering ready mix is that you tell the manufacturer what you're using the concrete for and you'll get just the right mix that will support the weight you need. Plus, the mixture is combined perfectly, so there will be no problems with the concrete failing in the future. Using bag mix on a large job usually requires mixing small batches at a time, since the cement starts to dry fast. This results in a patchy appearance, as it's difficult to get exact results with each batch.

Ready Mix Eliminates The Need To Rent A Mixer

Mixing concrete is a lot of work. When you mix it from a bag, you make a small wheelbarrow load at a time, unless you rent a mixer. A mixer is much more convenient because it allows you to make large batches, and it keeps the concrete moving. However, renting the mixer cancels out the savings you anticipate by mixing the cement yourself. When you order ready mix, the concrete mixes on the truck until you're ready to transfer it to your project, so it is always in perfect condition. You can complete the project quicker since you'll have a large batch of mix all ready to go.

Ready mix makes working on your projects much more convenient, and you'll have better results than if you mix the cement yourself. Unless your project is very small and only requires a few bags of mix, calling ready mix cement manufacturers to deliver the cement is probably the best way to go.