Is Composite Decking Right For Your Deck Remodel?

When it's time to redo your deck, you may be wondering which materials are right for your project. One option is composite decking. This material provides a host of benefits, but it does have a drawback or two as well. Use the following guide to determine if composite decking is right for your new deck project.


While traditional wood decking can be subject to splintering, cracking, and other types of damage, composite decking is built to deliver years of damage-free beauty to your deck. It's made with a combination of wood and plastic materials, creating the look of wood without the drawbacks. As an added bonus, some composite decking materials also come with manufacturer warranties. This can provide a bit of extra peace of mind.

Low Maintenance

With a traditional wood deck, you may end up having to reseal the wood from time to time, and you may also have to replace damaged boards. Composite decking typically requires no sealant or chemicals to keep it looking great, and a simple power-washing session can leave the deck looking crisp and clean. You will, however, need to be careful with patio furniture, as it can scratch the surface of your composite deck.

Eco-Friendly Construction

Because composite decking is typically made from recycled materials, such as recycled wood and plastic bags, it can be a more Eco-friendly option for your construction project. You can rest easy knowing that no virgin wood will be used in the construction of your new deck, and you can feel good about using a product that is made from recycled materials.

Cost Concerns

One issue that some people have with composite decking is the cost. This material tends to be on the expensive side. A composite deck measuring 16 feet by 20 feet can cost between $8,000 and $22,400, while a deck of the same size made from pressure-treated lumber can cost between $2,560 and $16,000. However, it is important to note that the pressure-treated deck may require additional maintenance and repairs over the years, which can increase the cost. If you are considering putting your home on the market at some point in the near future, remember that the value of the composite deck can add to the overall value of your home as well.

While cost tends to be the biggest drawback for composite decking, there are a host of great reasons to consider this material for your new deck project. Discuss the available options with your contractor, and decide for yourself whether composite decking will be the centerpiece of your outdoor entertainment area.