Drape Your Sliding Glass Door In Style With These Three Smart Choices

If you have a sliding glass door in your home, you'll want to choose a window treatment that is both aesthetically appealing yet functional and efficient. If you are tired of the same old vertical blinds option, consider custom-made or ready-made drapery options. Here are three ideas for draperies that are pleasing to the eye and practical, too:

1. Insulated Drapes

Your sliding glass door may be constantly exposed to sunlight or drafts, resulting in energy loss; therefore, you need draperies that provide good insulation. Whether you live in a warm and sunny climate year-round or your region receives the weather of all four seasons, you will benefit from well-insulated draperies. Sometimes known as thermal drapes and curtains, these are designed to help keep energy costs down. The insulated properties prevent heat loss during the winter as well as the loss of cool air in your home during the summer.

Insulated draperies will typically be made with a sewn-in layer of material such as foam or microfiber. You'll find insulated drapes come in a variety of styles and fabrics to complement your room decor. Many are machine washable and may be hung using a standard curtain rod.

2. Blackout Drapes

If you are concerned about privacy or you are looking for some type of sound barrier to block the sounds from traffic (or noisy neighbors), blackout curtains and drapes might provide a solution. While most blackout drapes are also insulated for energy efficiency, they are designed to block out light and reduce noise as well.

Blackout drapes are a good choice for your sliding glass door that is located in the bedroom or living room. It's also ideal if your sliding glass door faces a busy street. Also, if you live in an apartment or townhouse, you might appreciate the added privacy that blackout drapes can provide. Depending upon your privacy needs, you might choose panels or draperies that block nearly all light or provide partial light blockage.

As for reducing noise, results may vary. While blackout curtains and drapes are not meant to be a total sound barrier for your room, it may provide some reduction of distracting noise from outside. In addition, it may reduce some degree of noise from inside your home that could possibly disturb your neighbors.

3. Woven Wood Vertical Draperies

Perhaps you want the look of vertical blinds, yet prefer the ease of draperies. There is an option that provides a fresh, clean look for most modern homes. Why not hang woven wood draperies on your sliding glass door? Typically, these vertical panels are made from natural materials such as sustainable bamboo or other grasses and wood. For the look of the tropics, this may be a good choice for a sliding glass door in a sun room.

You'll find that naturally woven materials from bamboo grass fibers or wood tend to filter light, while still allowing ample sunlight in if you prefer. Because bamboo is a durable substance, you'll find it wears well and will not shrink or fade as some other fabrics tend to do. However, natural woven wood and bamboo draperies are not as commonly seen and offered in typical department stores; therefore, you might need to custom order yours.

To care for and maintain your natural woven draperies, simply dust them weekly. You might also use a vacuum attachment to remove dust from the crevices. Spray cleaning solutions are not recommended.

As a final thought, take measurements of your sliding glass door before you set out to buy the draperies. You might want to add a few extra inches of material if you wish your drapes to overlap when closed. Also, consider professional installation for custom-made draperies.

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