5 Additions To Your Deck To Make It A Summer Oasis

A deck can be an extension of your home. The more comfortable it is, the more likely it is you will want to entertain in able to enjoy the features it offers. There are a few things that you can add to your deck to make it a place for the whole family. From a built-in BBQ to comfortable patio furniture, the deck can be a place to relax, entertain and enjoy.

Patio Cover

A vital addition to any deck is a patio cover. It will keep the sun from ruining your relaxing time outdoors. Patio covers come in all colors, shapes, sizes and materials. A stationary patio awning might be enough to meet your needs. A retractable awning can be either manual or automatic. Getting a retractable awning would be better in areas that have high winds or heavy storms.

If you plan your patio around a garden theme a pergola might be a better cover idea. Pergolas are normally made from wood and have a top that will allow sunshine to filter in. A pergola may be well suited to put over a BBQ area or near the pool. Along with cloth and wood patio covers there are heavy gauge aluminum covers. These covers are normally attached to the house and can include gutters. Some of them have electricity built in, so that a fan can be installed and outlets can be utilized.

Outdoor Cooking

One of the essentials for a deck is a cooking area. Depending on how elaborate you want to be, you can choose an outdoor kitchen with a built-in grill and sink area, or you can have a nice gas grill that can be moved out of the way when it isn't being used. Another alternative cooking area is a fire pit where everyone can relax and roast marshmallows. A deck isn't complete without some type of cooking area.


A spa can be built into the deck, or it can have a full enclosure of its own. The spa can be small and intimate, or it can be large and a centerpiece to your outdoor living. Decide what the main function is of the spa. Spas can be used for relaxation, entertainment, or exercise.

Thinking about cost and accommodations will be a good guide as you decide on the proper spa to meet your needs.


In areas that have high winds and need more protection, adding a sunroom to the deck is a perfect solution. There are many companies that provide sunroom kits, all the way from simple to elaborate. You might also choose to buy your own kit and do it yourself. A sunroom will be a perfect greenhouse for plants and provide protection from the elements with an outdoor feel.


Finding the right blend of comfort and style will be a challenge as you add furniture to your deck. When choosing your patio furniture think of maintenance as well as comfort. There are so many beautiful patterns to choose from.

Wrought iron furniture is heavy and will stand up to wind and weather. If you choose wrought iron, pick a powder coated, UV protected set. It's best to store wrought iron furniture inside over the winter and keep a bottle of touch up paint on hand for scratches. Aluminum patio furniture has become popular, because it is lightweight and rust free. There are many styles of fabrics to complement any design or color of the chairs that you choose. Plastic is colorful and durable. An added benefit of buying plastic outdoor furniture is that it is made from recycled products. Wood and wicker are other popular alternatives for patio furniture.

Many people have made built-in furniture as a part of their deck. This makes a seamless transition and gives the deck contour and style.

Having an area outside that is functional and comfortable will provide an entire summer of entertainment, relaxation and enjoyment.