2 Waste Removal Services To Help You Clean Out An Indebted Deceased Hoarder’s Home

If you need to clean out a deceased family member's home in order to sell it, you need waste removal services stat, especially if the loved one hoarded everything. If your loved one's estate lacks enough assets to pay for their funeral expenses and financial obligations, waste removal services can help you obtain enough funding from items you can't place in an auction or estate sale. Here are two waste removal services you need to help you clean out an indebted deceased hoarder's home.

Dumpster Bins for Damaged, Unsellable Items

Getting rid of furnishings, appliances and other items that contain excessive mold, mildew and water damage isn't easy. Severely damaged items probably won't bring in enough proceeds or any at all to help out with your loved one's financial obligations. Placing the items on the curb for garbage pickup incites complaints from the deceased family member's neighbors and the city, especially if they make people sick or affect the environment. Using the right dumpster bins and bags to discard the damaged items makes the process easy.

Dumpster bins or roll-off dumpsters come in several sizes that begin with 5 yards for small waster removing projects and end at 40 yards for large projects. Your waste removing company helps you choose the right size for your project by examining the amount of junk you need to discard. You store the dumpster in the home's driveway or in the backyard, depending on its size. 

In addition, you may need to obtain a permit from the city to store the dumpster on the property. Keep this in mind before you rent your dumpster. 

Metal Sorting Bins for Valuable Aluminum, Iron and Copper Items

When you're ready to remove and recycle clean metal items, obtain sorting bins for metals. A metal sorter separates valuable aluminum, copper, iron, and steel from metals of little value, such as old, rusted pipes and wiring. It also helps you calculate the weight and value of the metals, which is something you need right now. The prices for valuable metal items vary or change to meet the market's needs, so you want to ask your waste removal company or contact a metal recycling company for advice on how to sell it. 

Also, take a moment to learn how to identify and sort the metal items in your loved one's home. Metals, such as copper, differ in value. For instance, bare-bright, which is the brightly-colored and untarnished copper wiring found in cable lines, holds a higher value than the dull, tarnished wiring found inside holiday light strings.

Knowing the difference between the types of metal items helps you obtain the most money for them. You also want to strip the soft coverings from any metal wiring you plan to sort and sell. Metal recycling companies may pay you less if they need to strip the wiring themselves. 

Once you sort, and possibly strip, your metal items, place them in the sorting bins you rented from your waste removal company. If the company doesn't pick up or accept metals, contact a company that does. A metal recycling company picks up the metals and leaves the bin on your property. You can reuse it for other things, such as recycling any metal appliances your loved one left behind that you don't want or need.

Anytime you feel unsure about how or what to use to clean out your deceased loved one's home, contact your waste removal company immediately. Sometimes, hoarders leave behind huge messes that may seem daunting to get through. The waste removing company can also place bins and other containers on the property for paper, plastic bags, construction materials, and many other items of value to help you out. 

For more information, contact a waste removal company like Progressive Waste Solutions of FL Inc.